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Sunday’s RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cartoon..


My Sunday cartoon wraps up the week as Guest Cartoonist on Hilary Price’s comic Rhymes With Orange. I hope you enjoyed the seven toons. Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing — I could not have hoped for a better response on Twitter and FB. Speaking of which, if you’d like to follow Hilary Price and I on Social Media, here’s where we’re @ :

Saturday’s RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cartoon…


Happy Saturday, readers! Here’s today’s Rhymes With Orange cartoon. I’ve been Guesting all week for Hilary Price’s comic — check back here for Sunday’s toon…

As always, thanks for reading, and please share 🙂


This Week: Rhymes With Orange Guest Cartoonist

Hello, readers, Rina here.

Call it a good habit, but I love being guest cartoonist for my favorite single panel strip Rhymes With Orange. If you don’t already know, Rhymes With Orange is written and drawn by the wonderful cartoonist Hilary Price. Do I have to mention she’s one of my top favorite cartoonists of all time, and one of the best single panel gag cartoonists out there? Well, I just did mention it. HA!

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