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Sunday’s RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cartoon..


My Sunday cartoon wraps up the week as Guest Cartoonist on Hilary Price’s comic Rhymes With Orange. I hope you enjoyed the seven toons. Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing — I could not have hoped for a better response on Twitter and FB. Speaking of which, if you’d like to follow Hilary Price and I on Social Media, here’s where we’re @ :



Two more days to go for my week-long Guest Cartoonist Spot on the Rhymes With Orange comic. I so enjoy doing these, and I do hope you enjoy reading ’em.

Check back here tomorrow, and Sunday, for more…

Thanks for reading… and please share!

Thursday’s RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cartoon…


This week I’m the Guest Cartoonist on Hilary Price’s Rhymes With Orange comic. Here’s Thursday’s toon… Check back here tomorrow through to Sunday for more!

Thanks for reading, and please share 🙂

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