A Happy Holiday Animated Greeting

Hello, readers, friends, and fellow cartoonists… just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, and an exciting, creative new year. Here’s a little animated cartoon greeting for you to share. I call it “Angel Making a Snow Angel.” Please feel free to send it as an e-greeting to your cartoon-loving friends and family…

A Tina’s Groove Comic Video

Readers, you can now be watchers! Here’s the first ever Tina’s Groove comic video titled Death By Folding… 

Viewing time is one minute, three seconds. Thanks for watching, and please share…

Another Cartoon Video!

Hello, everyone. I know, I know— I have been lagging behind on the blog lately. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not because I’m lazy, but because I spend a lot of time making stuff.

After two days of springlike weather it seems that winter is back, and it looks messy out there. How appropriate that I have just the thing for that— a 50 second cartoon video that I hope will warm up your day with a chuckle. I call it The First Robin Of..?