3 thoughts on “May 2, 2017

  1. Hello. Why not just try to stick with decent family humor? You have tried to humor us with profanity, immorality, and taking God’s name in vain, and now you are trying to be a political cartoonist? If so, then move to the political cartoonist field. I do not remember any of your cartoons critical of Mr. Obama when he was appointing czars, issuing executive orders, ignoring Congress and the courts. Do you not lock the door to your apartment or house? It is not because you hate everyone on the outside, but it is to protect those on the inside. You will gladly let in those who are your friends, but you want to keep out those who want to do you harm. That is the same as a border wall. Trump is far from perfect, but he is President. To draw such a political cartoon only shows hypocrisy and bias and the typical liberal extremism void of truth. It seems to be a lost art to simply be funny on the basis of comedy. Now, it seems, those who try to be funny do not know how to do so unless they are swearing, talking about immorality, or attacking others.

    • Wow. What’s got you so riled up this morning over a three-panel strip?

      How about “just stop reading this comic if you don’t like it”. There are plenty of family comics out there to read instead. If you’re coming here to read it you can easily not click to come here.

      Not everything has to be to one person’s specific taste. If Ms. Piccolo has readers that enjoy her work then let them enjoy it in peace. It’s just a comic strip.

    • Wow, Paul, excuse the artist for having an opinion that is contrary to yours. Why not try spending your life doing something productive instead of writing long, ridiculous diatribes online about cartoons you don’t agree with? You’re not in 3rd grade anymore, guy.

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