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When Cartoonists Get Together, and Other Things…

Man, I love jamming comics, especially with some of my favorite cartoonists! These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I wish we could jam more often…


A stable of cartoonists at work.


Cartoonists working on the weekend.


Notice the empty glass. And the last panel, also empty. Hm.


Pulp Lit and, ew…Centipedes

Do you like pulp fiction? (Not the movie, the literature.) If you do then you’ll love everything about Pulp Literature— a digest-sized magazine offering the best of all kinds of genre fiction: mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror… you know, all the good stuff. Each issue features short stories, novel excerpts, novellas, and more. The publisher’s motto? “Good books for the price of a beer!” I’m all for that.

Cross-Country Comic Jam!

The Pan Am Games should include Cross-Country Comic-Jamming as one of their events. The sport, unfamiliar to most, is a triathlon involving comic timing, pen handling, and wi-fi speed. No, seriously, think about it. We can kick off the event with a cartoonist jumping off Toronto’s CN Tower wielding, not a torch, but a sparkler. Remember writing your name in the air with a sparkler when you were a kid? It would be like that, but with more people watching. Think of the photos and after-tweets that would make! Spectacular!

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