New Coming Soon!


Hello, readers,

I just wanted to share the exciting news that my other website,, is getting a complete makeover. The old is gone, and in the coming days, the current site will be under construction.

A little more about the new site: It will be launched with a brand spankin’ new design, and will have cartoons, comics, videos, animated drawings, and all-new illustrations! What else can I say about it? It will be a fun, creative place to visit, give feedback, and be inspired. If you’re a professional or aspiring cartoonist, then I encourage you to check it out as I’ll be blogging about all things cartooning and comics related.

So if you happen to drop in for a visit in the next few days, and have trouble viewing , it’s because the new site is in the process of being awesomely built.

Once it’s complete, I’ll be sure to post news of the new site here, and on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook.

As always, thanks for reading, and see you soon at the new!


4 thoughts on “New Coming Soon!

  1. The Toronto Star today (July 3, 2017) did not have Tina’s Groove. It appears to have been replaced by another. Is Tina gone for good?

  2. I’m wondering about that also, considering Tina’s cleaning up in the last several days and her absence today!

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