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Hello, readers!

It’s been a remarkable month for Quirky Quarks: A Cartoon Guide to the Fascinating Realm of Physics. At one point — and I’m not sure for how long— the book made the Top 10 Best Selling Physics books in Canada. Wow. That’s a feather in my hat that I most sincerely did not expect!


On Thursday, July 7th, I’ll be talking about that very book at the University of Toronto. My presentation will feature a selection of comics and cartoons from Quirky Quarks, and I’ll be talking about how the book came to be, and what experiences I’ve gathered from the collaboration. If that’s not enough bait to get you there, then how about this: there will be cookies! (The cookies are real, and not some theoretical exotic matter from the adjoining physics lab.)

Speaking of labs, the presentation will take place in room 134 of the McLennan Physics Building at 60 St. George Street. I find it a strange and wonderful coincidence that I live a mere 650 meters from an actual lab, in which groundbreaking discoveries are made!

So if you’re in Toronto, I invite you to attend. Here are the deets:

Summer Colloquium Series, U of T Physics Dept.
Thursday July 7th
Rm. 134
McLennan Physics Building
60 St. George Street

Coffee and cookies will be available in room 110 at 3:45pm and the talk will begin at 4:10 pm

Hope to see you there!


6 thoughts on “Upcoming Speaking Engagement…

  1. Geez, I wish I could get there to hear your lecture, but I can’t. Any chance someone could videotape it and make it available on YouTube?

  2. Hey Rina – this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately work gets in the way. I truly wish I could be there and if it wasn’t for Ottawa next week I would take the day off. I am really sorry I am going to miss this.

  3. Hi Rina. As I write this, you are about to begin your talk in the McClennan Physics Building. I hope it goes well, and that the audience is large and attentive.

    You participated previously in a session called “Non-fiction Stream — Illustrating STEM.” I want to tell you that my school district, South Fayette PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh), is passionate about the STEM subjects, but also the Arts. (Musical, visual, and dramatic.) And those visual arts include Cartooning. The arts make you a better person — actually able to do better in STEM subjects. Besides which, without the arts, we’d have a pretty dull world, and we’d be pretty dull people. So in South Fayette, STEM is STEAM. They are avid about this.
    In your book, you have married Art with Physics, and our school district would love you.

    • Hi, Bill. Oh, I absolutely agree. The STEM talk I did in May should’ve been longer, as I felt that there was so much more to discuss.

      The principle of marrying science and art actually came up at a talk I did at my old High School in late May. I tried to stress, as best I could, the importance of art to the questioning mind in general — whether you’re an astrophysicist, or an oncologist. Creativity is a big word right now, and it’s often applied to areas that are not commonly associated with the arts. This is a good thing. All we need do is look to the past, when the two disciplines were difficult to disentangle, and of all the wonderful inventions and ideas that resulted from it.
      Wow, thanks for the awesome thought-inspiring comment! I love it!

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