Another Cartoon Video!


Hello, everyone. I know, I know— I have been lagging behind on the blog lately. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not because I’m lazy, but because I spend a lot of time making stuff.

After two days of springlike weather it seems that winter is back, and it looks messy out there. How appropriate that I have just the thing for that— a 50 second cartoon video that I hope will warm up your day with a chuckle. I call it The First Robin Of..?

Here it is…please Like, Share, and all that!

(I’ll be writing soon about my muck up with the 3Doodler Pen… a sneak peek: it’s fun but very difficult! And I’ll also be posting news of an upcoming cartooning project that involves science. Please stay tooned. God I hate it when I say that, tooned. ha ha, right?)



7 thoughts on “Another Cartoon Video!

  1. I love it. I see the Toronto Space Needle there. Is that your voice saying “Look, the first robin of spring?” Has it been really that bad in TO? It probably has. A lot of North America got it.

  2. Believe it or not, we’re having a small snow storm here in Pittsburgh this morning. I think I saw a Robin drive by in a snow plow 🙂

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