Farewell, Six Chix

Hello, friends, readers, and fellow cartoonists,
Today I have big news.

Animation Made with Sketchbook Motion

Animation Made with Sketchbook Motion

After a great 16 year run, I’ve decided to resign from Six Chix.* I made the decision this past June, and as you may imagine, it was a difficult one to make—I really love doing single panel gags for Six Chix; it’s always been a unique feature. When it launched in 2000 with King Features, it was my first experience in the field of syndication, a sort of debut you might say, and since then I’ve grown so much as a cartoonist—and as a person.

Sunday’s RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cartoon..


My Sunday cartoon wraps up the week as Guest Cartoonist on Hilary Price’s comic Rhymes With Orange. I hope you enjoyed the seven toons. Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing — I could not have hoped for a better response on Twitter and FB. Speaking of which, if you’d like to follow Hilary Price and I on Social Media, here’s where we’re @ :

Saturday’s RHYMES WITH ORANGE Cartoon…


Happy Saturday, readers! Here’s today’s Rhymes With Orange cartoon. I’ve been Guesting all week for Hilary Price’s comic — check back here for Sunday’s toon…

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