Pulp Lit and, ew…Centipedes

Do you like pulp fiction? (Not the movie, the literature.) If you do then you’ll love everything about Pulp Literature— a digest-sized magazine offering the best of all kinds of genre fiction: mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror… you know, all the good stuff. Each issue features short stories, novel excerpts, novellas, and more. The publisher’s motto? “Good books for the price of a beer!” I’m all for that.

Cross-Country Comic Jam!

The Pan Am Games should include Cross-Country Comic-Jamming as one of their events. The sport, unfamiliar to most, is a triathlon involving comic timing, pen handling, and wi-fi speed. No, seriously, think about it. We can kick off the event with a cartoonist jumping off Toronto’s CN Tower wielding, not a torch, but a sparkler. Remember writing your name in the air with a sparkler when you were a kid? It would be like that, but with more people watching. Think of the photos and after-tweets that would make! Spectacular!



The title of my story.

Mike Lynch, a good friend and fellow cartoonist, co-publishes the wonderful anthology of true stories, Raconteur. Last year Mike sent me a couple of back issues, and I devoured them, loving every page. The stories in Raconteur are autobiographical tales by cartoonists, and each issue has roughly five pieces— all told in the comic, or graphic story format.